The importance IIT

Thank you Tesla!!

I’d like to thank the Directors, Prashant Sir and Rohit Sir along with the entire TIC Team who persevered & hand held us, all through these past 12 weeks. Today as I walk out of that door & look for professional avenues in the outside world, it’s the TIC Team that I would like to thank to make it possible.


At Tesla Innovation Centre, you became my family, we bonded with you & relied on you while you shared your professional wisdom with us. You knew when to push our buttons and when to let us be, because it is here we learned when to challenge an idea and when to accept the truth when it was presented before us. Although you may only have touched some of our lives in this way, you serve as a symbol of motivation and hope for all of us.

Hence, I urge to you on behalf of all the trainees is to keep living lives & keep doing what you do, that ignites opportunity for others like us.


The experiences in learning would not have been possible without your hands-on approach & I wish this never ends. Because outside that door lies the world in all its brutal starkness where we shall be left to fend for ourselves, herein after.


The key takeaways for me from this training are broadened thought processes, learning new technologies, project management skills, subject matter expertise & the fact that I have got myself trained here under the aegis of some of the stalwarts of EE domain.


Last but not the least I am hoping that this training stands by me in good stead & am able to become a part of mainstream industry, at the soonest. I do hope our paths cross at some point in future & I look forward to seeing you, someday, somewhere, in the whole wide world.


Thank You!!